If you want to read a fiction book but you want to learn some great lessons from it then Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is so just for you. This book is like a journey and throughout the journey, you are gonna learn to understand your destiny. But before moving onto the review let me tell you guys my favorite line from The Alchemist:

“Love never keeps a person from pursuing his destiny”

So the book follows our main character Santiago who lives in Andalusia, Spain. He is a shepherd and wanders around different cities and places along with his sheep. At the very beginning of the story, we see Santiago loves a girl in a village and he was eager to meet her. But on the way, he was having the same dream that someone had kept treasure for him. It made Santiago very disturbed and he wanted to interpret his dream. So he went to a Gypsy woman who told him that he could find his treasure in the Pyramids of Egypt. At first, he thought it was just a dream and the woman was lying to him. But then eventually he realized it was his destiny. So he sold his herd and went to find his treasure in Egypt. But on the journey to his treasure, Santiago faced many difficulties and problems. Sometimes he even became destitute but he had to be strong and move on. So did he succeed? Or, did he even lose everything he had before? To know that you have to read the book.

Book Review

Now, let me tell you how I feel about this book. First of all, this book is not like another fiction book because it is written in a way to teach you something like non-fiction books. So sometimes the story seemed to be slow and dull. I won’t obviously say this book is bad or I didn’t like it because, in my opinion, everyone should read this book not just to enjoy but to learn. And this book has a lot of moral lessons that can really be useful in moving forward to achieve our destinies and life goals. Throughout the journey to his treasure, Santiago faced a lot of difficulties but an alchemist taught him some lessons that helped him realize what actually his destiny is. The same lessons can be used in our life too. So this is it for this review. Hope you liked it and best of luck with your journey of life. Happy Reading…..

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