The core part of a marketing game is to know how your consumer thinks about your brand. Consumer minds always search for lucrative deals. So, for winning the game, only one fanda will work ” Meet the Need”.

One of the first case studies that you hear about in business schools during beginner marketing courses is about toothpaste brands showing brush full of toothpaste usage in commercial rather than the dental professional recommended ‘pea-sized’ amount. The idea behind this depiction was simple, the more you use during each usage, the faster you will go through the tube and shorter your purchase cycle will get.

Yesterday, while following a gaming tournament, I stumbled across this Pringles spot where they were promoting stacking different flavors. The ingenuity of this idea heavily relies on its simplicity, the fact that most consumers have their favorite Pringles flavors and would be more willing to try new flavors as long as it contains in part of their already favorite flavors. By running this promo, Pringles is not only ensuring multiple purchases through increased usage but also the sales of those flavors that most purchasers would otherwise not go for.

When asked, ‘How do we ensure more sales?’ most marketers would talk about increasing promotional budget, exploring new channels, incentivizing the retailers more, etc. but sometimes through creative and intuitive depictions of increased usage like this, you can get better results.

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