While working in the industry, have found there are a lot of confusions regarding Audiences. This post will talk about the Audience mostly. Very basic but good to know for New Advertisers/Entrepreneurs out there. Marketing Gurus and Maestros, please add your POVs in the Comment section, please!

“Growth Comes from Understanding your best customers and finding out how to acquire more of them!”

Sean Ellis

From the above quote, if we interpret this, finding the right customer and reaching out to them with the business propositions is the major job for any business.

The next thing, you need to do is to find them more. Now the question is how?

Now-a-days, advertisers first start thinking about the platform they will go for their advertising efforts.


Market Research is still one of the most primary task advertisers do in the first place, even a Small Business owner does that too but probably they don’t keep that in the structured plan which becomes a subconscious mind thingy then.

Start with your Audience!

Know them more and best. Don’t just go for Facebook Ads, Google Ads just because you can manage your Ads on your own.

Apart from general Market Research practices, in Digital Media Environment, do your market research through various audience insights platforms, craft your communication accordingly and go target them for Ads as precisely as possible. Be Contextual as much as you can to win more!

Let’s come to “finding more similar customers” now. AI and Machine Learning has made this thing very very easy, honestly. Facebook and Google Ads as the highest reached digital media platforms provides creating LookAlike and Value-Based LookAlike (Facebook Only) audiences. Value-Based LookAlike can bring in more high value customers for you.

In short, try sourcing the best audiences of your businesses’ interests first, keep on retaining them and keep building more customers like them.

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