The Turkish word Bir Başkadır refers to something unique in a positive sense. This uniqueness may include praise, admiration, recollection, or nostalgia. The Turkish series Ethos/Bir Başkadır tells the story of a group of people living in Istanbul having unique characteristics. Each character comes from a different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds having different views. Ethos means characters. This series is a study of characters. Let’s start the review…..

In this drama Bir Başkadır, Meryem is a girl with modesty coming from a conservative family. She works as a part-time cleaner and currently suffering from fainting. So she consults with therapist Peri. Peri is kinda opposite of Meryem. Peri comes from an educated and secular family. She can’t tolerate religious people or the growing conservatism in society. She sees another therapist, Gulbin. Again Gulbin is connected to some interesting characters like a depressed playboy, a soap opera actress. Besides fainting, Meryem has problems in her own middle-class Kurdish family. Her brother is an ex-soldier who struggles to maintain the family and the kids as her wife is a mysterious character and shows abnormal behavior. This family is dependent on a Hodja. Thus all the characters are somehow connected through Meryem. Some of them suffer from past traumas or some of them are really having a bad time to cope up with society. Thus Ethos introduces us to the diversity of Turkish society. This became one of the most viewed Netflix series in Turkey within one month only. The series has eight episodes and it’s rated 8.7 on IMDB, voted by 17k users. Netflix released the series in English and Hindi language along with the original Turkish language. One must enjoy this series in the original language as the dubbing isn’t up to the mark. I have watched a few Turkish series but their soundtracks never disappointed me. This series also has an effective soundtrack that upholds the impact of the drama. It contains some vibrant and cool looking frames capturing the beauty of Istanbul. I really loved the storytelling approach. They didn’t use any repeating formula. The characters spent a lot of time in the therapists’ room exchanging their views. These discussions were really helpful to portray the characters especially Meryem. Sometimes they even tried to explore the dark side of human nature. Öykü Karayel played the role of Meryem. She nailed the role of a simple, troubled, and neglected woman coming from the village. You will see yourself how much this character suited her. Other actors and actresses did a fantastic job with their convincing acting. I found the execution-style pretty similar to an Israeli show Shtisel which revolved around a big unorthodox family. On the other hand, this series tells the story of Meryem and some unique people surrounding her. But I was having a tough time distinguishing between the characters and their names in the beginning. But the story doesn’t lose its objective and it immediately caught me while watching the first episode. Overall this series was definitely worth my time. Although this was made to be a miniseries there are a lot of possibilities for the second season. Netflix didn’t give the green light for the second season yet. Looking forward to more original international content like this one from Netflix.

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