Sometime something happens in a decade which ties us so deeply that we feel a bond which unimaginable gives us joy, release from our daily chaos. World of mystery is something that is very close to my heart. It based on the greatest show “Game of Thrones“. This show built upon the novel of “The world of Ice and Fire” by Gorge R R Martin.

It all started on a late-winter night a few years back. Didn’t know what was waiting for me when I started watching it. After finishing the first three seasons (4th wasn’t aired till then) I was shocked, heart-broken and bewildered! “Could that TV show be any better” was the only thought inside my head at that time. Since then, every year I waited impatiently for April, for Game of Thrones. This epic fantasy had created an enormous impact on the imagination of people like me. We had a ‘shared imagination’. And in that imagination we lived in Westeros, had the unimaginably pleasing journey from Winterfell to King’s Landing, Westerland to the North and beyond the wall, we sailed across the Narrow Sea & travelled through Essos.

Our hearts were wounded for the righteous & honorable Ned Stark’s death, we laughed with Tyrion Lannister, were amused by the awfully strategic political moves of Little Finger & Varys, we shedder tears at Red Wedding, brutally cheered at the Purple Wedding. And last but not the least, our hearts were broken into pieces when the sweet-dumb (!)-innocent Jon was stabbed to death. These all end now. Though we know it could have ended in a different way but still we love it, nothing else matters.

TV series will come and go but there won’t be another Game of Thrones.


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